Pet Preservation Services; Freeze Drying and Taxidermy

A Loving Alternative To Cremation Or Burial Is To Preserve Your Pet Intact In A Natural Looking Pose Through Freeze Drying And Taxidermy

Choosing a Freeze-Dry Taxidermist

Selecting a taxidermist to preserve your pet is similar to choosing the best doctor to perform plastic surgery. In both cases you are dependent on the skills and expertise of the professional for the final cosmetic results.

That’s why making an informed choice is so important. Each taxidermist will have different techniques, experience and talent. While cost can be a factor, choosing the cheapest priced option can mean sacrificing quality. Think of it this way; while our pets are alive we are careful to find a veterinarian we can trust to care for them, shouldn’t the same be true when choosing a freeze-dry taxidermist to create a lasting memorial to our pets life?

ABC’s of Freeze Drying

Freeze-drying is revolutionary technology that has become an economically feasible alternative for preserving pets. This highly specialized field of taxidermy makes use of large freeze-dry machines that removes the moisture from the specimen while it remains frozen. Thus the name freeze-dry. Unlike regular taxidermy, this process allows a pet’s natural body and bone structure to remain intact. The result is the individual characteristics, body, and facial features are barely disturbed. While it sounds simple, many steps must be meticulously completed before the pet is ready to pose and freeze-dry.

Beloved Companions, LLC. is a trusted resource for your Taxidermy needs. Please contact our  Family Pet Center 860-470-7100 for further information to discuss your options.

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