Pet Memorial and Commemorative Merchandise

The death of a pet brings with it a very difficult decision, one that you may not be prepared to handle if the loss is unexpected. Our Pre-Need Planning can ease the stress of those times.

The loss of your family pet companion is, and will be, a sad and difficult experience. But it’s also one event in the long life of joy, compassion, and companionship you and your family shared with your pet over the years.

When a beloved pet companion passes, you have a choice as to how you want to celebrate and honor the memories of the life they lived with you, their friend and companion. Beloved Companions, LLC offers a wide selection of memorial items, from urns to jewelry, that will allow you to choose the best way to honor the unique and special relationship that you shared.

Please visit Pet Urns by HTW or New Memorials Direct, for your memorial merchandise

Pet Urns by HTW

New Memorials Direct

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