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Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Cremation and Aftercare

At this emotional time, we understand that you want the best for your beloved pet. That’s why we’ve put together this list of frequently asked questions to help you make informed decisions about your pet’s aftercare. Your pet’s well-being is our priority, and your concerns are entirely valid.

How do I choose a Pet Companion Cremation Service?

When considering aftercare for a beloved companion, pet companion parents/families want a cremation facility they can trust.  It is a goal of ours to help our families make informed decisions and to ultimately make a very challenging time easier. Beloved Companions, LLC. is Connecticut’s most trusted name… in Pet Companion Aftercare Services.

What do I do if my pet companion passes at home?

You may choose to utilize our In-Home Removal Service (Additional Fess Apply) or transport to our facility.  Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime day or night. Avon CT Office: 860-470-7100 or our New Britain Office 860-438-7676.

What areas do you serve?

We serve all of Central Connecticut, Farmington Valley & Litchfield County.

How do I care for my pet companion after he or she has passed away?

Until decisions and preparations can be made, place your pet companion in the coldest part of your home. Put plastic down on the floor (a plastic bag or tarp will work) and then place a blanket on top of the plastic. Place your pet companion on top of the blanket and then cover your pet companion with another towel or blanket.  At this time, if possible, make any necessary aftercare arrangements.

Please call us anytime if you would like more information or require aftercare for your pet companion.

Is cremation expensive?

Cremation is generally quite affordable. We offer various levels of service depending on your aftercare needs and your budget.

My pet companion passed away at the veterinarian's office. Can I select where my pet companion is cremated?

Yes, final disposition is a choice of pet companion parent/family. We always encourage pet companion parents/families to do so.  Remember, the type and quality of aftercare you want for your pet companion is a personal decision that only you and/or your family can make.  You can always tell your veterinarian how you want your pet to be cared for and by whom.  We will gladly remove & transport your pet companion from any veterinarian at no additional charge to you. You can call us directly and we will respond to your veterinarian’s office at the time you request.  Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions.

How long will it take to have my pet companion removed and transported from my veterinary hospital, by Beloved Companions, LLC.?

This depends mainly on when you or your veterinarian’s office calls and where the office is located. Typically, once a call is received, our team members are immediately dispatched.

How can I be sure my pet companion will be handled in a dignified and respectful manner?


It is so very important to us to make sure that you understand the level of care we provide for your pet companion. Whether we’re talking to you on the phone or you’re making arrangements in person, we’ll carefully explain just how we provide the level of dignity that we would require for our own pet companions.

In addition, Beloved Companions, LLC. has been a leader in meeting the highest standards of pet companion aftercare. If you have any questions about how your pet companion will be cared for when you utilize our services, please call. We’ll be happy to explain our process and standards to you.

How can I know I am receiving my pet companion back?

At Beloved Companions, LLC., we are absolutely committed to returning your pet companion, and only your pet companion in his or her entirety, to you. We do not remove any pet companion from a residence or veterinary hospital without proper identification. A paper identification tag is placed on your pet companion as well as a numbered metal tag that will accompany your pet companion through the entire cremation process.

When will my pet companion be returned to me?

Generally speaking, within 5-7 business days. You may expect a call from us, and we will arrange a mutually agreeable time to bring your pet companion home.

Will my beloved companion stay here in Connecticut for his/her cremation service?

 It is our absolute guarantee that all of our cremations are performed at our facility in Central Connecticut. Remember you have a choice when considering aftercare for your pet companion. If you don’t feel comfortable with your options or the way your questions are answered then it is advisable that you look elsewhere.

Does my pet companion have to be placed in an urn?

All pet companions cremated at our facility are placed in one of our stately standard engraved wooden urns, unless you choose another type or style of urn from our large and reasonably priced selection. We have many different kinds of urns so you’re sure to find one that memorializes your pet companion in the way you see fit. Also, we offer a Scatter Bag Package… which includes a pewter key chain urn.

Why choose a pet companion cremation over a pet companion burial?

How to care for your departed pet companion is a very personal choice. Cremation gives you the option of keeping your pet companion’s remains with you (transportable) or scattering their ashes in a place that is sacred. Important things to consider…  whether or not you will be at your residence long term and whether or not zoning ordinances exist in your area about home burial.

Do we offer Funeral Services for your Beloved Companions?

Yes, we have an affiliate pet companion cemetery… for your burial and funeral service needs. Please call us if you have any questions or would like suggestions on ways you can memorialize your beloved companion in a way that is unique to you and/or your family.

Can I/we pre-plan for the passing of an elderly or infirm pet companion?

Yes. Advanced Planning for the passing of an ill or geriatric pet companion will  make the transition a little easier for you, when the time comes. Please contact us… to discuss your advanced planning needs.

What happens to my pet after it passes away at the veterinary clinic?

It’s essential to understand the process your pet undergoes after passing away. Most veterinary clinics follow standard procedures, including bagging and freezing.

Is the cremation service done locally?

In many cases, commercial pet crematories may be located several hours away from your vet’s office, leading to extended transportation times for your pet.

If I opt for a private cremation, how is my pet identified to ensure the ashes I receive are theirs?

Ensuring the individuality of your pet’s cremation is important. Ask about identification measures in place for private cremations.

Has the veterinary clinic ever inspected the commercial cremation company to ensure dignified treatment and accurate cremation?

Ensure that your pet’s final journey is handled with care by asking if the veterinary clinic has oversight of the commercial cremation process.

How often does the commercial pet cremation company pick up frozen pets from the veterinary clinic?

Learn about the frequency of pickups, as this may affect the time your pet spends in storage.

Are pets transported in refrigerated vehicles, and how are they stored at the cremation facility?

Find out about the transportation and storage conditions to ensure your pet’s dignity is maintained.

What is the typical turnaround time for receiving my pet's cremains?

Understanding how long it will take for you to receive your pet’s ashes after the cremation process is crucial.

In a private cremation, how does the clinic ensure individual cremation, not simultaneous cremation with other pets?

Clarify the procedure to ensure that your pet is cremated alone in the cremation unit if you choose a private cremation.

Does your Veterinarian offer In Home Euthanasia?

Most do not, Beloved Companions, LLC’s affiliate Pawz at Peace, LLC

Do I have a choice of aftercare providers?

Vets will say, we have our own service. Why, they make hundreds on 1 cremation service. Veterinarians have lost control of their profession, corporations are controlling the industry. Quotas etc., sad situation.

If your question was not answered by our FAQ, please call us at 860-470-7100 or use the contact form below to connect with us at Beloved Companions, LLC

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